Here’s What You Should Do

A car dent is a common problem, and chances are you will have dealt with one at some point. It can be tempting to try and deal with the issue yourself, especially if the dent is small. However, this can just lead to more damage and expense in the long run. Here is everything you need to know about dents, along with why you should only leave a repair job to a leading provider of Essex car body repair.

Common Causes of Car Dents

There are several reasons why cars get dented. Here are some of the most common causes:

Car accidents: Whether it’s a collision at low speed or a more serious incident, accidents are the leading cause of dents to a car’s body.

Door dings: Ever come back to your parked car only to find a dent? Chances are this was caused by someone opening their car door and hitting your car – often an issue in tight parking spots.

Shopping trolleys: Popping to the supermarket for your essentials can sometimes come with the risk of your car being struck by an unsecured trolley in the car park.

Poorly maintained roads: We’ve all suffered through driving on roads that are in need of some TLC, and they can throw up loose stones that can leave dents on the lower part of your car’s body.

Falling objects: While this might seem far-fetched, there’s always a chance something could fall on your car and leave a dent. This could be anything from a tree branch to construction materials.

The Temptation to Do It Yourself

It can be tempting to attempt fixing a car dent yourself, especially if you have experience working on vehicles. However, there are several drawbacks to doing so. You may lack the proper tools, which can lead to poor results or damage to your car. It can also be a time-consuming process, and you may end up starting a job you really don’t have the time to finish.

The Benefits of Professional Repairs

When you take your car in to be repaired professionally, you can trust that it will be worked on by a team who have years of experience and knowledge to draw upon. With the right tools at their disposal, they will be able to deliver fantastic results in a fraction of the time it would take you at home.

Having your car worked on professionally is also the most sensible option in the event of an insurance claim. It can also help you to protect the warranty for your vehicle. When you make your first enquiries with a car body repair shop, ensure that they will be able to provide all of the documentation you need.

What to Do Next

While it might be tempting to tackle car dents on your own, calling in the professionals has many benefits. So why not get in touch with a trusted car body repair shop today?