Among all the other full-size four-door cruising sedans around, the 2018 Chevrolet Impala has earned a good value for its strong appeal. This luxury model from Chevrolet got enough space this time to accommodate five adults, while it goes easy on the gas and it has become more fun to drive than its predecessor. When you take a first look, it would honestly impress you with its handsome disposition.

What’s new for 2018

As learnt from the Spokane Chevrolet, the Chevrolet Impala has witnessed a number of changes for its 2018 version. Starting with a new paint schemes it goes on with a handful of standard equipment across all its models, like an 8.0-inch touchscreen for infotainment integrated with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the sharp style and crisp shapes, especially near the front and rear fenders.

All Impala trims this year come with a 6-speed automatic transmission and one gets to choose from a 2.5-liter inline-4 or a 3.6-liter V-6 engines.

The Style

The Impala for 2018 wears a look that can be said to be a makeover from its earlier versions. This year the Impala moves with a sleeker body style and the designers behind have given it all the right curves. It’s a good-looking collection of panels that mix crisp lines with good-looking shapes. By our eye, the grille manages to crib some of the better moves from Honda, especially with its clean lines.

Around back, the Chevy Impala stamps on the throttle with complex shapes that help sculpt a racier roofline, but an intersection of clean corners pulls it all together into a smartly pressed crease. It’s one of GM’s best efforts, even if it brings together different brands’ identities into a single Chevy.

Continuing the same style from the exterior, the interior of Impala looks equally dignified. The dash crests and falls to a busy chamber of components while the materials bring the cabin a diverse look, breaking down the monotony.


The best quality you find in an Impala is its ride. The numbers won’t be impressive, but the performance comes close. Really speaking, the 2018 Chevrolet Impala has not yet imbibed the latest trend of powertrain improvements as we see in the other sedans moving around us. But we guess it was because Chevrolet wanted to hold on with their simplified approach to maintain the appeal it successfully created for its broader spectrum of consumers, with its yesteryear models. The best thing to appreciate in this, is the ride quality that earns one point above the average, even with the older powertrain, which has surprised all of us. The Spokane Chevrolet dealer says that the 2018 Chevrolet Impala earned a 6 out of 10 on the metric for performance from many.

Comfort and Quality

Being able to enjoy a quiet ride in a big and capacious cabin, the consumers of the Chevy Impala were happy in its true sense. To round up, the 2018 Chevy Impala can be called a relaxed four-door sedan, that has easily succeeded in making its consumers feel comfortable without getting bored on a long hour journey.