Want to be innovative with your automotive marketing strategy and find more prospects? Check out these social media marketing tips for car dealerships.

A survey conducted by social media researchers shows that the majority of vehicle shopper’s check online before buying a car. Out of this number, 31% of the people use Facebook, 25% used Twitter, and a huge percentage said they narrowed on a car of choice after watching a video online.

This points out the role played by the internet and at large the social media in creating opportunities for auto dealers.

We would like to build your skills on how to be part of the growing number of dealers who have a strong online presence.

Want to be innovative with your automotive marketing strategy and find more prospects? Check out these 9 social media marketing tips for car dealerships.

Be Present In Multiple Platforms

The rule of the thumb in social media marketing is to be available on multiple platforms. Different demographics are more attached to a specific platform than another.

Some people prefer to be on Facebook, while some are on Twitter. Snapshot, YouTube and LinkedIn attract different people with distinct lifestyles and preferences.

Target each platform with a tailor-made message. Avoid repeating the same message, photo, and video in multiple accounts. You come out as less creative when you do that.

Reach Out, Don’t Wait For The Customer

Most of the social media platforms allow you to advertise to specific people or regions. Be aggressive in the social media scene and be visible in multiple platforms. Car buyers will likely remember your dealership’s adverts when they are ready to buy a car.

It’s advisable to develop social media messages for your car dealership marketing strategies that are easy to remember, easy to grasp and easy to catch attention.

Have a balance in all this so that your customers are not lost in the fun and not the message.

Video Is King When Marketing Your Cars

The business of auto selling is driven more by the mental visions created. You have to show the buyer how their experience will look like. These mental images cannot be made better than the use of a good video for car dealer marketing.

Video posted in any media platform can appeal to the emotions of a buyer very effectively. Depending on how it is made, the buyer identifies with the features of a car before visiting your yard. It transports the buyer direct to your yard before the physical visit.

Tell Impactful Stories

Research has shown that people are attracted by the success of others. Your auto shoppers can relate with real human stories told very well by your buyers. The buyers need to know how the purchase changed the lives of the buyer.

If it is a family car, let the buyer tell how the entire family is rejoicing the purchase. If it is an all-terrain vehicle, let buyers from your yard tell how this purchase has improved their lives.

You can decide whether these stories are told through video, photo or they are multi-media. This is decided by the social media platform you are conducting auto dealer marketing on.

High Numbers Are Good, But Which Platform Has More Potential Buyers

As a social media marketer, you need to reach a high number of people. A sale will most likely come after a good number of people visit or view your social media post. It’s important if you can target a platform that not only has many visitors, but also quality visitors.

Different demographics prefer different social media platforms. Twitter and Facebook are known for mature buyers, while SnapChat and Instagram have a lower aged audience. YouTube is liked by all. Choose a platform of people who are likely to buy.

Invest In A Good Social Media Manager

What is the need for a social media campaign if you do not have the right person to do the job? As an auto car dealer, employ a social media marketer and manager who knows the best way to handle this trade.

Their roles will be to develop social media messages, posts and overall management of the accounts. A social media marketer should be wise about where to place lead ads for automotive.

Be Regular and Relevant

The social media manager ensures that the posts are coming with a good frequency; not too much and not spaced for too long. The posts also should be relevant to your industry. For example, just because Tesla has launched a car, you cannot go reviewing it yet you have no plans of stocking the brand in the near future.

No Clatter, Just a Few Clear Images At A Time

One of the major mistake that social media marketers and managers do is to flood the timeline with photos and posts from their site. You are likely to make the users grow tired and switch off your posts. Ensure your posts are not clattered and clear to understand and remember.

For example, an Instagram post should have a maximum of three photos in a college. Too many photos will be a clatter and this will not achieve the intended results.

Be Reachable and Responsive

Some social media platforms have an option of the seller providing a telephone number where they can be reached. They also have a way of measuring how quickly you often respond to messages.

Don’t let your auto shoppers wait for days before you respond. Allow a feedback mechanism on your pages where buyers can leave their reviews.

Social Media Marketing of Auto Products Needs Your 100% Commitment

When you embark on a social media marketing campaign for your auto dealership, it’s vital to leave all options open. This includes placing paid adverts and employing a specialized social media marketer to run the show. Also, be ready to spend money on quality videos and photos.

The auto dealership is not an easy initiative especially when it comes to reaching remote buyers. You can visit our blog to learn more about managing an auto dealership and how you can raise sales. Here, you will get great insights about the industry and various ways your dealership can work for you.