Car insurance companies give paramount importance to safety features and hybrid models. The reason is that there is increased awareness of driving safely and using vehicles that cause less pollution to environment.

American Auto Shield Reviews on safety features

A car will have many safety features that will impress insurance companies. Reverse parking sensor with camera and remote controlled parking are two features that assist the driver when it comes to parking. As everyone knows many people will feel jittery when they are supposed to reverse the car and they may also feel jittery when they are supposed to parallel parking.

A car visibility will be under test when the car is in reverse process and there are chances that person below the car will not be visible in the central mirror of the car and on the two side mirrors. This is where camera assisted reverses parking will work and will help the driver to see the back of the car clearly and will help to avoid dents and crashes. Reverse parking will have camera that will be on the front side of the car and this will help driver to get 360 degree angle and will also help to see the front portion.

As per American Auto Shield Reviews, there are reverse parking cameras that have high quality night camera vision and this will help in ensuring that cars can be safely reversed in night where the vision will be dim and the lights will be blurry.

Many drivers have trouble reversing by looking into side mirrors and many drivers may try to look back and reverse, which can cause neck pain. Many accidents and damages are reduced when cars use reverse parking system.

New remote reverse parking will help the driver to step out of the car and let the car do the reversing using artificial intelligence. This will help in ensuring that there is no dent and scratches on the car and the car can easily enter into tight parking spots. This is useful in an arena where there is less space for parking and these reverse parking assist is a blessing. This means that car insurance companies will not have to flush out more money for removal of scratches and removal of dents.

Insurance coverage respects safety drive

American Auto Shield Reviews recommends car drivers to use safety features that will help in improving driving and help increasing safety of people. Drivers should always vow to ensure that they obey all traffic rules and should have decency in driving. They should not honk horns without an reason and they should be careful near schools and hospitals. They should have the courtesy of respecting  old people and children in the roads and they should be wary of speedier  jump onto the road. Traffic should always have a speed limit and as a driver one should follow that rule well and one should follow the car with a distance and should be always wary of quick braking. Drivers should not abuse other drivers and should make riding an fun thing and should always aim for safe than quick driving.