When it comes to cars, Chevrolet is a brand to be reckoned with. Over the years, they have come up with numerous different types of models and every single one of them has proven to be a success.  Chevrolet Equinox is the latest model and in a very short period of time, it has made a name for itself as an excellent SUV. It comes in 2 different colors; white and grey. It is an excellent combination of both style and sturdiness. It has been designed with all the modern facilities. This car comes with 4 doors and a spacious interior. It can accommodate up to 5 passengers. The 4 cylinder engine helps it achieve 137 hp and it comes with 6 speed automatic transmission. Get in touch with a Lancaster Chevrolet dealer to know more about the model.  It comes with a turbo engine of 1.5l which offers an optimal balance in terms of efficiency and power.

Lift Gate – Hand’s Free

You can open the lift gate with a gentle kick of your foot, if you got your hands full. Besides, you can also accommodate easily in the areas which has low ceilings

Sporty and Fashionable

If you are looking for a blend of these two features, then this car would just be the perfect option for you. Here are some of the common features of this car

  • Black Grille
  • Strong wheels of 19 inches
  • Window Trim – Black in color
  • Mirror Caps – Black in color
  • Bowtie Emblems

Apart from these, there are various other features that this car has to offer. If you are looking for both comfort and safety at the same time, then it has them for you

This is one of the best options available to you when it comes to sports car with a touch of style in it. It is essentially a SUV; however, it comes with all the features that you can expect in a luxury car. With spacious interior and excellent sitting arrangements, this car would give you the ride of your life. It offers a smooth ride and as far as the pick-up is concerned, it is quite high.

In terms of safety, this car has everything to offer. From rear camera to lane changing indicators, all the safety aspects have been taken care of. With a GPS enabled navigation system, it allows easy and comfortable ride. For Lancaster Chevrolet, get in touch with a dealer.

What makes this car so special is the fact that it comes with all the features that you would want to have in a modern vehicle. In terms of safety and comfort, it has everything to offer. The strong wheels can resist all kinds of road conditions. The rear camera gives you a perfect view of what is going on at the back side. Besides, the interior is quite spacious and can accommodate up to 7 heads

Final Verdict: This is one of the best options available to you when it comes to a SUV. It comes with all the facilities that you are looking for