Over the past decade or so, the cost of motoring has soared. The cost of everything associated with motoring has all gone up. Most motorists pay more for insurance, road tax and fuel, and the cost of car servicing and general maintenance has risen. All of this has made it harder for motorists to keep their car on the road.

However, when it comes to servicing there are ways to bring the costs down.

Shop around

The first tip is to shop around. There are considerable differences in how much garages charge for servicing. Firms like Cheshire Car Servicing specialize in car services and MOTs. The fact that they focus on the servicing aspect of car maintenance allows them to streamline their operation, which means they can keep costs as low as possible.

Look for a garage that offers a range of options

When your car is under warranty, it is important to use a garage that uses parts. Taking this approach ensures that the terms and conditions of your warranty are not broken.

Once your car is older and no longer under warranty you can consider other options. A good garage will offer you a choice of the type of parts that are used to service your car. By using generic parts, the cost of servicing a car can be reduced. The best garages work with good suppliers who rigorously test their components, so your car will still work properly despite the fact you are paying less to have it serviced.

Take advantage of extra services that good garages offer

One cost of servicing few people take into account is the cost of getting to and from the garage and the extra money; they will have to spend on alternative transport while their car is being serviced. Using a garage that offers a pick up and deliver service or a courtesy car can save you a lot of money as well as time and hassle.