Driving in snow may seem as fun but it actually isn’t, as it is stressful and sometimes dangerous. Limousine service in Toronto has prepared a safety list which you can follow during the winter season drive especially during snow. You should keep the fluids full and make sure the vehicle has been serviced and you are driving slowly. You must also use caution when stopping and turning as the roads are really slippery.

Clean the car before driving

When you are outside and walk towards your car, you may find it covered with ice and snow, you must remove everything and clean the car before driving. Don’t just clean out a hole that you an see out of, but clear out the whole windows and back view mirrors as well. This will significantly increase your visibility and you can have a safe drive back home or wherever you are headed. Clean off your hood, trunk doors and also roof as snow can slide onto your windows and block your view.

Drive Slowly

There may be some sort of emergency or stressed because of running behind, but you have to follow some precautions and your safety must be your highest priority. Even if your car is winterized you may still lose control of your car. You can keep control of your car by driving slowly and also can be aware of those around you who may not be careful as you.

Leave plenty of space before stopping

Stopping on snowy roads can be tricky and dangerous sometimes, so you will have to be really careful before putting your foot on the break and do it before its needed. In winter and snowy season breaks take some time and that is one of the main reasons of higher accident rates in winter.

Avoid Speeding up on hills

When you are approaching a hill, don’t press the speed pedal hard to try to get up to the hill. This can cause your car to spin instead you can try using inertia to get up the hill in an easy manner. Don’t stop while getting up on the hill as it can be difficult for you to get going again. If you really have to press the speed pedal then do it slowly and gently.

Learn to be familiar with skidding

Skidding can be extremely scary as you lose control of your vehicle. To correct for any skidding experience release the gas slightly and turn our wheels in the direction you want to go, be careful not to over correct and do not press the gas pedal until you are headed in the direction you want to go again.

Have your car serviced

The best way to deal with uncertain weather or road conditions you can make sure that your car is properly serviced and well maintained. This can save you from a lot of trouble and you will have less chances of a broken car in severe weather conditions. You should check the common things which break during winter such as hoses, belles, water pumps and spark plug wires.