There comes a time in most people’s lives the simple act of becoming mobile it not as easy as it once was.  When this happens, there are options to take so they do not lose the complete freedom and control of their daily lives they once had. 

When we first think about electric scooters, visions come to our mind the scooters that young people ride for fun and business people ride on to commuter easily around the city.  However, there is another type of electronic scooter that we must not forget about, because, if we are all lucky enough, one day we may be elderly too; and not so lucky that we lose mobility and are in need of a mobility scooter.

The GoGo Ultra X 3-Wheel Scooter is a lightweight scooter that can be ridden indoors or out, it is made for the smooth and level ground.  The GoGo Ultra X 3 scooter comes complete with 12 AH batteries, charger, flat-free tires, and a front basket.  With the charging box located just at the floor board, it makes it simple to hook the battery to it for recharging.  A swivel seat makes for easy on and off access to the scooter.  The GoGo Ultra X 3-wheel scooter can be easily unassembled and folded up to fit in the trunk of a car.

The battery can be charged on or off the scooter, aluminum wheels with non-marking tires; the GoGo can go at a maximum speed of 4 miles per hour for a 6.90 mile driving range; weight capacity is 260 pounds; the heaviest piece of the scooter weighs in at 28 pounds and the total weight is 92 pounds.

This scooter has Dual Rear Posi-Traction with wheels that are protected against tipping; this gives the scooter the ability to allow its rider the confidence to ride wherever they want to go.

The Ultra GoGo is able to turn on a dime due to its smallness and compactness; coming apart in five pieces, with the heaviest weighing 38 pounds.

Even though the price is set with a budget minded persons limit in mind; service and reliability are not short-changed with warranties that cannot be beat.

There is even an emergency free-wheel leaver that allows the scooter to be pushed manually with ease if the need ever arises to do so.

This scooter also comes with an easy, adjustable, arm-rest and seat so the rider can get the most comfort out of their scooter ride as possible.

The next time you hear someone talking about electric scooters, you will not only get visions of youngsters or business people riding their scooter to work, school, or fun; but you will also realize that a mobility scooter will help anyone, elderly, disabled, or both, with the ability to move freely as they once did, before they acquired the debilitating disease or handicap that age can cause.  Think courteously when you see a mobility scooter at the supermarket, and before you hop on it to use to make your shopping easier, think about that disabled or elderly person whom may need it.