Keeping the view of millions of Indian families who love to travel all way around during vacations or celebrations, manufactures of an automobile in India has come up with spectacular and highly comfortable designs and models which can become the perfect choice for families while looking for purchasing a car. What most matters is the durability and comfortability of the vehicle which can support people to spend seamless long and short journeys. There are abundant family cars in India and below are some few to mention:

Get Ready For Amazing Journey with Maruti Suzuki Dzire

The price range generally varies from 6.06 lakhs to 10.56 lakhs. It comes in beautiful six colours which you can select. The availability is in petrol as well as diesel. The engine capacity is 1197 cc for a petrol car and 1248 cc in case of a diesel car. The fuel tank capacity is 37 litres which are huge. Considering the maximum power, it is 61 rpm at 6000 KW with the torque of 113NM at 4200 rpm. The car is one of the best family cars in India with five seating of entirely large inner part.

Maruti Suzuki Swift- Most Desirable Car For Family

The prevalence of Swift on the road undoubtedly reveals the popularity of it. It is considered one of the favourite cars in India and also has affordable price range starting from 5.45 lakhs to 9.37 lakhs as per the model you choose. Both petrol and diesel options are there with the displacement of 1197 cc in petrol and 1248 cc in diesel fuel type. The transmission is 5 AMT in both types of cars. It has the maximum power of 61KW with 6000 rpm, and highest torque is 113NM at 4200 rpm.  

Fulfil All Family Car Needs with Maruti Suzuki Eeco

How can Eeco be left while considering best family cars in India? The option to buy Eeco is highly favourable. Doesn’t matter how big size your family is as it is one of the most spacious cars popular among Indian families. The price range of it is from 3.62 lakhs to 4.78 lakhs. The transmission type is five-speed MT rear drive with the displacement capacity of 1196 cc. The seating option is also two, and you can either take 5 seaters Eeco or seven-seater Eeco depending upon the size of the family.

Hyundai Creta- All in One Pack with Style and Comfort

It is the most elegant and stylish cars in India. The vehicle is favorable, and one can consider the option if your budget is more and little extensive. The starting range of car cost you 10.56 lakhs. The value is worth spending with availability in nine different colours. As it is an advanced version, so the transmission type is six-speed in both manual and automatic form. The fuel tank capacity is even more significant, at 55 litres with engine maximum power of 123PS at 6400rpm.