Golf course means a peaceful wide stretch of land with systematically managed greenery everywhere. Especially the lawn of every golf course is the center of attraction if maintained tightly as per the parameters. Not only for a good look, but quality cut on the turfgrass of golf course is also important for players to perform efficiently. Are you a golf course superintendent who has a responsibility to maintain the look of entire stretch in an organized matter? This a task of high precision, skills & attention. You need the help of advanced techniques as well as equipment for keeping a lawn healthy, good looking and always serviceable. Here are some tips for professionals to keep their lawns in good condition.

Why is turfgrass mowing essential?

When it comes to the golf course, it’s turfgrass maintenance is important because memberships only increase when you have good space to serve. Effective mowing results in a good looking golf course that will draw the attention of people from a distance. Regular maintenance of grass helps in keeping it in uniform size and look. Also, it decreases the risk of weeds infestation. If your turf grass is in the proper size, the risk of pests also decreases. Healthy and strong grass will come out when it is cut down just 3 inches above the earth’s surface. In this way, the old and weak shoots get eliminated and lush green new shoots come out. Even if your lawn grass is damaged due to the hailstorm or excessive sunlight, cutting will help in recovering it rapidly.

Tips to consider while mowing turf grass

1) Height of mowing blade

This is the very first thing to consider whenever you plan to start mowing on a golf course. Keep one thing in mind that leaving more height will result in an increasing number of unhealthy shoots that block the sunlight to reach in the core. Consequently, it halts the photosynthesis process that helps in attaining adequate greenery level. On the other hand, cutting it with used turf equipment below the level of danger can expose the roots that result in killing the entire lawn’s greenery. The maximum allowable height for golf course mowing is 2 inches. At this height, then there will be the right amount of thickness and greenery that enhances the overall appearance of the property.

2) cutting frequency

There must be a frequent cutting interval that must not cut down the grass more than it’s 1/3rd of height. Infrequent cutting with golf mowers doesn’t allow to recover grass from its previous cutting session. Consequently, you can notice the browning of grass tips that signify unhealthy lawn. Every grass breed grows at different speeds. Before mowing, ask a gardening expert regarding its regrowth period so that you can schedule a specific timing on a regular basis.

3) Thatch removal

All problems with your golf course are not visible with naked eyes, some of them require in-depth analysis. After mowing the grass, some of its particles left behind and formed a layer that prevents the new grass shoots from coming out. Search for automated golf course maintenance equipment of thatch removal that can work efficiently in a large area in less time.