Have you ever imagined trekking across Middle Earth like the Hobbits in the famous movies, or have you ever thought of waking up in the morning with the same view enjoyed by Bilbo, Frodo and their various bands of travellers. If so, you should consider visiting New Zealand in the future for a holiday where you can hire a campervan and travel around the country. Indeed, one of the best ways to see this beautifulcountry is to hire a campervan, so if you are an independent traveller then you too can easily visit both the North and South Islands of the country to enjoy the best lakes, mountains and glaciers which are on offer across New Zealand.

Nature everywhere

The outstanding natural beauty and epic landscape scenery which is everywhere on both the islands of New Zealand could be thought of as being on a different scale to nearly every other country in the world. Indeed, given the country’s remote location as well as its unique climate and the millions of years of volcanic activity under the crust in this region, the outstanding natural beauty which is visible across New Zealand is unlike anywhere else on the planet. This scenery and the views are available to everyone because the government allows people to camp freely across the country.

Get out and about

After arriving in Auckland, you could easily think that there is nothing special about New Zealand because it looks like most cities around the world. However, the natural beauty that New Zealand is famous becomes clear as soon as you leave the largest city on the North Island. Indeed, if you are looking to see the natural beauty of the country, then you should look to hire a campervan as soon as you arrive in Auckland. Furthermore, a quick online search for cheap campervan hire in New Zealand returns several results such is this particular industry’s prevalence in the country. Hiring a campervan to see the country is the best way to enjoy the free camping rules across New Zealand which allows people to camp or park overnight wherever they choose.

Road tripping

Examining a map of New Zealand illustrates the varioustourist attractions which are available along the main route across the North Island between Auckland and Wellington. The capital city of New Zealand is where you can catch a ferry to the South Island, while the drive along the highway from Auckland to Wellington gives you peek into the scenery which is everywhere in the South Island.

Taking the ferry

The ferry trip from the North to the South Island gives you a good idea of the stunning scenery which is prominent everywhere in New Zealand. However, this only becomes clear after driving along the west coast of the South Island, where the southern mountains meet the sea. Turning inland and making the trip across the South Island through Queenstown to Dunedin is also a stunning journey where travellers can camp next to pristine lakes while looking at beautiful mountains and glaciers.

If you are looking to explore the beautiful country of New Zealand, then you should hire a campervan, which gives you the freedom to travel independently, enabling you to enjoythe various mountains, glaciers and lakes which are found across the country.