When we talk about driving comfort we primarily expect it from the car itself that will probably have all the necessary features to make all the occupants comfortable. But for the one who will drive the car will need the comfort more than anybody else, as the comfort of the drive will be directly proportionate to the comfort of the driver. The more the driver feels comfortable, the more he can make the ride a pleasant one. We should make sure that he doesn’t have to struggle with any in-cabin discomforts.

But here we will share with you our discussion with the Buick San Diego experts about how the driver, himself make the right adjustments to his seat and in the car so that there would be nothing to grudge or grumble. His hands, his legs and his mind should be free of physical discomforts and that would automatically make the drive in his car comfortable.

Adjust to Get the Right Driving Position

Sitting behind the wheels needs utter concentration. So, the driver should have the basic knowledge on how to set his cockpit at the perfect angle so that he doesn’t get a back pain, a correct distance from the steering wheel s that his hands don’t bend or stretch too much to reach the steering wheel and, in the process, feel overstrained. The driver’s seat should be at the right height, so that he should get to see the road better and yet won’t have to bend forward to find the controls. The most common mistake committed by the novice drivers is taking the ‘sit up and beg’ position, in which the driver’s seat gets too close to the wheel to get more control. But this makes them bend their elbows and wrists that end up paining after sometime. The ideal position of driving on the contrary is the one in which the legs and arms of the driver are angled in the correct manner and this is the best way to achieve maximum comfort.


The other way a driver can make a ride comfortable is allowing good ventilation inside the car. To keep the cabin stay afresh, the car needs to breathe in fresh air, especially if the car is carrying good number of passengers. The driver should take care of the fact that the inside air of the cabin doesn’t become stale and heavy with the constant use of the climate control. If the drive is a longer one, he should make sure to roll down the windows in regular intervals to let in fresh natural air into the cabin.  Otherwise, the built-up air inside would go stale making everyone inside the car feel uncomfortable and drowsy. The San Diego Buick GMC dealer experts explained that to maintain good ventilation in the cabin, the best way is to keep the air control slightly open throughout the journey while regulating the temperature of the car in proportion with the outside atmosphere.