“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better, too.”
– Paulo Coelho

We all want to get better at doing whatever it is that we do, everyday. This is completely normal, and is evidence that you are trying to live your life to the optimum level. However, sometimes school, or a formal education fails to help us with certain aspects of life. Life skills such as cooking, driving or doing our taxes aren’t really ‘taught’ in school. I would agree to the fact that we have classes for all of them, but they merely teach how to perform the activity, not how to get better at it!

Most people who drive know that they have the potential to be better drivers in some way or another. Drivers Are like wine, they get better with age – unless that age is 65, then you’re probably better off taking the bus.

Let’s Look At Some Tips On How To Become A Better Driver:

Know And Follow Traffic Rules

I guess the most inappropriate phrase to be used here is ‘rules are meant to be broken’. Most of us wouldn’t agree! Rules are meant for the convenience of the ordinary public, and if they’re followed, it maintains a decorum in our society. Coming to traffic rules, knowing when you can and can’t pass the light, or when to take a turn, when you should give the direction indicator to take a turn (Almost 50m in advance) or what kind of spots are okay to stop at is essential. Driving is a community activity, you are doing it as a part of the society where you co-exist with all the others who drive a car. So it’s very important to know all the rules, and follow them!

SWOT Yourself

For everyone who is not an MBA, SWOT is short for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. You need to know your own strengths and weaknesses. Are you better at driving in daylight, or in the night? Can you reverse-park or is parking the regular way a better option for you? Knowing the answer to a few such questions can help you figure out your strengths and weaknesses, and hence help you avoid your threats, while working on the opportunities that you get. For instance, while going on a road trip, should you be more comfortable driving in day traffic, or at night in the dark? It will help you make more informed decisions and prove beneficial in the long run!

Make Use of Technology

Technology is a wonderful thing, if one uses it. There are multiple apps that come in handy when it comes to cars, or the automobile industry, in general. You have a website or an app for almost everything now! Everytime you want to check if you’re on the right track, just use Maps by Google, and you’re sorted. If you want to find a 7-eleven, there’s a website for that as well. If you want to sell your car in Sydney, you’ve got multiple apps for that, too!
Making use of technology makes life simpler for us, in a way that we can save time, and energy. So get a few apps designed for drivers, and get more from your driving experience!

Know Thy Vehicle

A major thing we forget is that most of us ordinary cars. They get old, they get might get a little rust, but they’re only human (not). It’s necessary that we know what’s wrong or right with our cars most of the time. What’s wrong could be fixed, or you could alter your driving strategy accordingly. And what’s right can be used more efficiently! Is it a four-wheel drive? The Corsa model by Vauxhall has a hidden bike rack behind it’s rear number plate – most owners were unaware of this feature for a long long time! Make sure you Google ‘special features of my car’ or ‘hidden features of my car’ and find out exciting features about your car right away!

Let It Go!

As much as we love our cars, knowing when to let go is very important. Keeping an old car for long could be dangerous and prove fatal to you if the car hasn’t been maintained over the years. And it’s illegal to drive a car with an expired registration in New South Wales! You can either sell your old car to a car removal company, or scrap your car. It completely depends on the condition of your car. You will be able to earn fast cash by selling your car to one of these companies in Sydney and get rid of your car at the same time. There’s no need to stress yourself about an inspection, you just need to call them up and then wait for them to come over and collect your car!

These were a few tips that you can use as guidelines to get better at driving, or if you have just started driving and need some sane, adult advice. Remember to wait at the yellow lights , and drive safe!