When you first purchase a brand new automobile, among the accessories that are included with your car along with your tool box, spare fuses and tyre is your car factory service manual or generally also referred to as the car owner’s manual. The funny thing about the car factory service manual is the fact that despite its staggering importance to the vehicle, it is often the first accessory that goes missing. Now when we say ‘staggering importance’ it is not an over exaggerated statement as the car factory service manual hold key information that is unique to the make and model of the vehicle. 

These car factory service manuals provide the owners of the vehicle precise and accurate information that is crucial to the maintenance and upkeep of the car. Most car owners only realise that the item has gone missing when they are stranded somewhere in a back road and trying to figure out what is wrong with their car or when it is requested by their regular mechanic. Yes, these days mechanics have generally come to find that these car factory service manuals are very useful towards reducing the amount of time taken to troubleshoot the vehicle as it contains information that are specific to issues and the manual usually provides step by step instructions on how to fix issues speedily and without much hassle. 

It is due to this reason that many workshops have a library of car factory service manuals that they keep within the premise of their workshop for their mechanics to refer to as and when they need to as each one contains information that is only specific to a particular make and model. It is common knowledge these days that every car that rolls out from the production floor of the automobile factory has some kind of new feature that is unique to that particular make and model. Hence, these car factory service manuals contain crucial information about these specific features that will not be available elsewhere and in most cases will leave the fixing of the vehicle to a lot of ‘guesswork’ by the mechanic or vehicle owner. 

This could lead to even bigger problems if the car is not tuned according to the required specifications especially with the current ‘hybrid automobiles’ that are generally very sensitive to improper variances. 

Most of you who are currently reading this and wondering where your car factory service manual is, well there is no need to fret as luckily there are plenty of websites out there that offer free car factory service manual downloads. Some offer them absolutely free of charge, whereas other offer them with memberships or minimal per download rates. 

Choosing among these sites is however important as not all of them offer genuine OEM copies that are of high quality and hence it is important that you choose sites that have a good track record to ensure that you are getting the right copy of your car factory service manual.