India is one of the largest auto markets in the world, and of late the focus on introducing new vehicles in the country has been significantly higher. It is a country, where affordability and economy govern sales and in such a place it might be tough for the more niche brands to survive. The most commonly asked questions are prices and mileage of bikes, queries such as gixxer 250 price in India are frequently asked.

But with a recent rise in economic conditions and an increase in per capita income, people are starting to buy more expensive vehicles. Among the preference between two and four wheelers, India heavily prefers the bipeds. It happens to be the largest market in the world for two-wheelers and just in 207 saw the sales of more than 17 million motorcycles and scooters. A market this big is lucrative for any manufacturer, but there exists one issue which forces them to rethink their strategy.

India is a developing nation, whose road network is not as good as developed nations, meaning it is not the best idea to introduce higher calibre motorcycles. It is generally dominated by entry level bikes starting from the 100cc range and going all the way up to 400cc. The latter has very few cycles in the segment, but there exists a niche of 250cc cycles which are starting to gain popularity.

The market leader in this segment is the KTM Duke 250, which is a motorcycle from the Austrian company KTM and is manufactured here in India. This helps keep the price reasonable and affordable for those looking for a good quality machine. The 250 cc segment is quite the tricky one, with many bikes available for better pricing in both the 200 and 300cc segment.

Despite this many manufacturers know, with competitive pricing and good specifications, they can establish dominance and make great profits. Among the expected entrants, is the Suzuki Gixxer250. Suzuki has launched some stellar performance bikes over the years and looks set to take the mid-entry level market by storm. The Gixxer 250 is expected to be manufactured in India, thus lowering any sort of import taxes and making it a good proposition for interested buyers.

The Gixxer moniker has seen a lot of success in the country, with the SF being one of the most popular motorcycles in the country. The specs of the bike are yet to be disclosed, but if rumours are to be believed, it will come with a single-cylinder 250 cc engine with four valves. It might also come with an oil cooled system instead of a liquid cooled system. The power output is expected to be around 25 bhp with a six-speed transmission to ease onto the roads and highways. The news of the launch is set to be announced in the near future and production is already believed to have been started. Such an entry will only entice buyers to consider taking a look into the 250cc segment. The competition is set to only increase over time and this is just great news for prospective buyers.