Jeffrey Breault is a great car enthusiast, and is especially passionate about automotive racing. While there are several types of sports popular in the United States, such as basketball, soccer and hockey, Jeff Breault has always had a keen interest in the sport of automotive racing. He even strives to follow various types of competitions held in the car racing domain around the globe. Global Rallycross (GRC) and NASCAR are two of the most popular automobile races among the people of the US.

Jeffrey Breault provides a brief overview of diverse car races

The very first car race in the planet is known to been organized in 1867, and over the years the popularity of this sporting activity has consistently surged up in the society. Jeffrey Breault says that nowadays there can be multiple types of car races found around the world, and each of these competitions has their distinguished type of an audience as well.

Here are some of the most popular types of car races held around the planet:

  • Open-wheel:  The incredibly famed Indycar and Formula One (F1) car races come under this type. Open-wheel races essentially are known to be the most high profile motor series of the globe. As the name of this race suggest, open-wheel racing involves specially designed cars that feature exposed wheels. Even though the cars competing in IndyCar and FI races can look the same at the first glance, both of these competitions are quite different from each other. Both of them are governed by diverse rules, and they compete on distinguished race tracks as well.  There are also many differences among the F1 and Indy car races when it comes to the elements of top speed, fuel, budget and aerodynamics. Apart from these factors, while IndyCar is largely based in the U.S, the FI is regarded to be a global series.
  • Stock car:  The car races conducted by National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing or NASCAR are widely followed in the United States. Jeffrey Breault mentions that this is one of the most popular forms of stock car racing in the world as well. Stock car races are generally run on distinct oval tracks that measure around 0.25 to 2.66 miles. This car races enables people to enjoy the spectacle of a cluster of cars running at a 200 mph for up to 500 miles.
  • Sports car: Sport car racing is also an internationally popular professional motorsport. There even are some sports car races held in the world that lasts for 24 hours. The 24 hours races of Nurburgring and Daytona test are some of the most popular variant of this type of a car race. Such extensive races are conducted with the aim of assessing the skills of the drivers and the durability of the cars.

Jeffrey Breault has also participated in a few races himself over the years. His great passion for cars makes him an ideal candidate to provide insight about automotive racing.