An auto business field will be loaded with a variety of vehicles in the near future feels Jeff Lupient MN. Some changes are modified in the engines, and the auto industry is facing stiff competition from railways and airlines.

Cargo industry had gained along with logistic industries when auto industry picked steam. There are safety features that are associated with automobile system

Fatigue warning as per Jeffrey W. Lupient

A car that can send a signal to the driver when the driver feels fatigued is a good example of harnessing modern technology for better use. A driver will be warned to take rest, and there are technological advancement that has ensured that cars will automatically stop

Air bags in front

Usually, pedestrians are supposed to use the markings on the road to cross the road, and they should obey the traffic signal alert. But there are cases in which a passenger might try to cross the road quickly, and a car that has an air bag outside will be able to save the passenger.

This pedestrian air bag will be inflated on the wind screen and will prevent the passenger to get injured by falling on the window. The same principle will help the driver to get escaped as there are zero chances for the window to break and fall on the seat and eyes of a driver.

The car will have a raised bonnet that would help the impact of passenger’s head on the car to be less. The speed of the car for the airbag to inflate will be between 20 and 50 kilometres per hour, and this speed has been fixed based on the city limit.

Seat belt indicator

Seat belts are an important aspect of car driving and passengers and drivers should use the seat belt. Seat belt pretension should good so that impact on the car will not make a difference to the people sitting inside the car.

Automatic wipers

The ability of a car to turn on the wipers is an excellent feature that will help drivers to become hands-free. There are occasions in which a car driver will feel distracted when they are forced to use hands.

Speed and gear indicators

Assume that a car is loaded with a feature that would recommend changing of gears when an particular speed is reached and on the same manner assume that the car would slow down automatically when the speed crosses a limit.

This is a good feature that would please people who advocate for safety driving. Gear changing is an important feature that would help manual cars, and there are high chances that mileage and engine safety is improved when gear changes take place at the right time. The rpm that is ideal for changing gears is 2000 rpm, and the right display will ensure the safety of a car.

There are features that are getting changed faster as per Jeffrey W. Lupient , and the era of hybrid cars has come. Electric cars and manual cars along with automatic cars are meant to ensure that the driving on roads are safe and are meant to reduce accidents.