On the thought of buying a SUV, Mahindra is a great brand to choose from comprising of stunning range of products such as Scorpio, XUV500, Thar and Xylo. When we think of owning a mighty SUV car, nothing can beat the Thar and Scorpio, both of these are amazing burly vehicles and anyone who drives it will feel exceptionally macho. Are you the type who wants a highly power-packed masculine SUV and is confused about which one to choose Thar or Scorpio, let us compare the two cars and find out.


Whenever we look at the Thar, it reminds us of a jeep, it looks so muscular and perfect for anyone to just feel supreme. The car looks amazingly retro defined by the round headlights and trendy front grille. The styling of the bonnet is great and the broad alloy wheels and tires enhances the sporty nature of the vehicle. The most exciting aspect about the Thar design is looks typically old school, something like the old jeeps you find on the road, and such a style statement never gets boring for people who are into old vintage cars.

The current Mahindra Scorpio looks relatively different from its predecessors, taking into account that it has undergone a makeover, and it looks more contemporary. The true rugged identity of the car is however not lost. On the front is a creatively sculpted front fascia that has an arty twin rectangular projector headlights, new hexagonal grille covered with shiny chrome, revamped bumper and new Bonnet design engineered with the inventive low drag intake theme. On the new bumper is silver skid plate and fashionable dual fog lights.


The interior of Thar is comfortable and it looks cool, the styling of the dashboard is new and the quality of material is first-rate, and take note of the world-class 2-Din audio system. The cooling effect from the multi-directional air con vents is fantastic. The new Thar has re-designed gear knob, door trims, new seats and center console with cup holders.

The inside of new Scorpio facelift is posher than the previous models, the décor is so modern and different something that is never seen before in a Scorpio car. The dual tone beige and black color theme is awesome and so is the center console covered in a new chrome. The premium steering wheel is new as well and it has cruise control and audio controls.


The Thar is built with an efficient 2.5-liter diesel engine that churns 247Nm and 105bhp and is connected to five-speed manual transmission making it an excellent off-roader.

The Scorpio is fitted with a powerful 4-cylinder 2.5-liter engine engineered with an advanced m2DICR turbocharged engine that releases shockingly efficient energies of 75bhp and 200Nm and all the variants have a four-cylinder 2.2-liter intercooler mHawk engine fitted with an advanced variable geometry turbocharger technology and it also releases 120bhp at 4000rpm.


The Thar moves on an admirable mileage power of 16 km/l and the Scorpio gives 15.37kmpl.

Performance and Handling:

The performance level of Mahindra Thar is outstanding making it an excellent off-roader and it is a convenient car to drive on narrow rugged roads and occupants can just have a blast. The handling efficiency of the vehicle is impressive as well.

The performance power of Scorpio facelift is par excellence, and it is a SUV packed with revolutionary technologies that facilitate first-rate handling and ride quality. The steering is engineered with hydraulic technology and it is powered with tilt function and collapsible steering column. The car is built with the innovative ladder fame chassis and also cushion suspension technology and these factors make riding the car a safe and pleasurable experience. The car can cruise along tough terrains effectively contributed by the double wish bone kind of independent front coil spring front suspension. The car can move as far as 100kmph in just 15 seconds from a standstill position and the highest attainable speed is 160kmph.

Braking and Safety:

Mahindra Thar is a safe car to drive in, it has rear drum brakes and front disc brakes, and it also has digital immobilizer and anti-lock braking system. Scorpio is a secure car to drive too, it loaded with innovative safety features. It has front disc brakes and rear drum brakes, and for emergency braking purposes there is an anti-lock braking system. There are dual front airbags and side airbag as standard equipment. There is a voice assist system that alerts the driver when the door is not shut, it also issues warning on circumstance of low brake fluid, seat belt warning, auto door lock while driving, speed alert, seat belt reminder lamp and anti-theft warning.


Mahindra Thar is sold in eight stunning colors such as Sunny Beige, Champagne, Arctic White, Rocky Beige, Red Rage, Fiery Black, Mist Silver and Diamond White. The Scorpio is sold in five amazing shades, Regal Blue, Molten Red, Mist Silver, Diamond White and Fiery Black.


The Thar is sold in three variants, Thar DI 2WD PS, Thar DI 4WD PS, Thar CRDe 4×4 AC, and the Scorpio is rolled out in nineteen variants.


The Thar is sold within a price range of Rs 5.8 to 8.72 lakhs and the Scorpio is offered at a cost of Rs 9.4 to 15.1 lakhs.

Final Thoughts:

The Thar and Scorpio both have a well-defined exterior architecture well-suited to meet the taste of individuals who enjoy the style and thrill of a brawny SUV. With regard to exteriors, both cars are equally striking to the eye. The interior of Scorpio is more loaded than Thar, however with respect to color theme and quality of material, both cars are on par with each other. There are more engines choices with Scorpio, and the safety and handling of Scorpio is better as well. Thar is offered with more color choices and Scorpio with more variants. The mileage power of Mahindra Thar is slightly higher than Scorpio.

Now coming to the big question, which is a better car to buy Scorpio or Thar, Scorpio is pricier, but it has more features to accommodate the price, hence it is definitely a better car to opt for.