Biome Mercedes is a concept car, 4 meters long and 2.5 meters wide, big enough to provide a perfect playground for any designer’s imagination.

The concept car was the star of a contest among official design studios, held in Los Angeles 5 years ago. Biome was created by the Californian design studio of Mercedes Benz, with Hubert Lee leading it.

Judging from the car’s body composition, we would definitely say that the Californians were very much into ecology, even 5 years ago. Why, you say? Because the chassis of the car, which weighs only 394 kg, is made of bio fibers. The bio fibers were produced by plants that were grown in laboratories, after special biological techniques. Meaning that every cell of this car is eco-friendly.

The design has been probably inspired from UFOs and other weird things flying around the universe, which can also be said about the cabin of the car. Notice that even the passengers have a position that is different from the conventional one, with the driver sitting right in the middle.