Your car should tell you when you need to bring it to the garage but you need to know what to look for before you can understand the message. Of course, your car cannot tell you in so many words what is wrong, but there are signals you can catch that mean one issue or another is present. It is required by law that you have your car brought in for MOT testing but a passed test today cannot save you from an issue surfacing tomorrow. Simply by listening and watching, you can bring your car in the moment an issue begins, saving you time and possibly thousands in the long run.

Squealing Brakes

As your brake pads begin to wear out, they become thinner. This thinning can only advance so far before you risk damage to your brakes and a potentially dangerous situation on the road. When you press your foot on the brake pedal, you should not hear a high-pitched squealing. If you do, your brake pads are likely the cause and it is time to visit a garage for quick and cost-effective Bexhill-on-Sea garage services. The professionals there should quickly determine whether the squealing was in fact due to your brake pads and make an appropriate repair or replacement.

Unusual Sounds

As cars grow older, they may begin making certain sounds. While this may not be a direct sign of trouble, any sudden and unusual sounds must be investigated. For example, your car should not make a sputtering noise when you turn it on and it should certainly not whine or squeal as you drive. Any noise that you hear that is outside the norm for your unique vehicle should be examined by a trained professional. By bringing your car in at the first sign of trouble, you may yet catch a problem before any serious damage is done to your engine. This will in turn save you thousands in repairs.