Travelling on the road with kids can become difficult with little to no activities available. That is why games play an essential part in helping promote engagement among family members. The interaction between siblings and parents improve communication and bonding. The following are six road trip games that parents can use in their next outdoor adventure. 

I Spy

I Spy is a game that parents can play with young children. The objective of the activity is to determine the object that a player describes. The other player who guesses the object can go next. Parents can also customise the rule to prompt kids to look for objects they can see for more than ten seconds. The activity can help complement the travel time to the next destination.


Young kids to adolescents can also participate in a trivia game. The objective is to help participants familiarize with general knowledge and continuously challenge one another. You can get the information from board games and parents can act as game master. Parents can keep score of each player’s performance. You can also promote participation by promising a cool prize for the winner.

Playing Catch

Playing catch can also work during stopovers. It is a good time for male members to engage in physical activity in recreational areas. Initially, they can place their items such as gloves and ball in roof racks Sydney so it would not take too much space. They can just get the item when they want to stretch and run around the area. The activity is perfect for active boys who like to run.

Short Physical Activities

Stopovers can also become fun with short physical activities involving kids. Parents can design minute tasks that children should complete. For example, they can time children singing the ABCs backward or challenge older kids with a puzzle game. Should you need props, you can always place these items inside roof racks Sydney. All you need to do is bring them out when you need it.

Dramatic Reading

Passengers can also enjoy the activity of dramatically reading a passage. The rules focus on promoting specific ways for people to share their ideas. For instance, a player can talk like an Englishman or say the words in a funny accent. Parents will serve as judges. You can also provide a reward for those with the highest rating to encourage participation.

Car Bingo

Finally, you can create a car bingo game while travelling. You can design the card wherein participants will remove specific landmarks that they see in the city. The card can also contain natural wonders or street signs. Place these markers at random and allow your kids to discover fascinating and captivating areas on the road.

There are different activities that you can enjoy inside the car or during stopovers. As parents, you need to become creative in offering games to help your kids entertained. Introducing physical and interactive activities help increase bonding moments and further make your outdoor adventure remarkable while on the road.

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