The 2018 Clarity Electric from Honda appeared as a spacious five-passenger sedan well-equipped with features that makes it a complete car. The 2018 Honda Clarity also can be availed as a plug-in hybrid along with its fuel-cell electric version. Saying that, we intend that Honda has launched an entire series of ecofriendly cars that will not damage the environment while transporting people. At the same time the driver and passengers having a ride with any of these versions of the 2018 Honda Clarity won’t have to settle for anything lesser than they would have enjoyed in any conventional luxury car that come within this price range.

The Aesthetic Design

The 2018 Honda Clarity has a mid-size body and the style is something that the Petaluma Honda dealer say that they really appreciate. The total design outline of the 2018 Honda Clarity Electric resembles much with the Honda Accord that has won millions of hearts. The curves and angles, , the trims and creases all prove that the engineers have done a lot of brainstorming to attain this level of precision to serve better aerodynamics purpose.

Besides, the 2018 Honda Clarity did everything to make you call it with names like ‘high-tech’ and ‘space-age’. Anyone who takes a glimpse of it will notice the sharp long hood sloping down with curves to a roofline resembling all the well-known hybrid style. The way the roofline runs, many might feel it like floating right above the black window accents.

The  rear doors have lower carved-out ducts coming in, where a skirt end covers the upper part of the rear wheels, hinting at the designs we have seen in the original Insight model. The wide rear has a tail end that gets lifted up to the spoiler, that you will find sitting over the extra rear window built in two-pieces joining the trunk lid. All this gives the 2018 Honda Clarity a profile that is upscale with its sleek and low demeanor.

Overall Performance

The Clarity Electric as  a mid-size sedan runs on an electric motor that draws its power from a pack of 25.5 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery and can produce 161-horsepower and 221 pound-feet of torque. This well-integrated battery-powered powertrain proved itself to be nearly 20 percent more powerful than what the fuel-cell version of the 2018 Honda Clarity is.

Driving Range and Efficiency

The 2018 Honda Clarity Electric can cover a range of  89 miles. However, this isn’t at the higher end of its class and to stay ahead of the competitive trend of the current EVs, Honda has to rectify this aspect which is the most important of all. It has to drastically increase its driving range to something around a minimum of 125 and 230 as we see in the other EV cars of the current generation.

The Bottom Line

As discussed with the Petaluma Honda dealer experts, the 2018 Honda Clarity as an ecofriendly range of cars that are appreciable for many reasons and any owner will feel proud to own it.