When the great outdoors beckons, the best thing to do is get your very own motor home and adopt the RV-ing lifestyle. If this is your plan, remember that your motor home is going to be your new residence, meaning that comfort and convenience should be your top priority. Before you call up your neighborhood motor home broker and start looking for great deals on new or used vehicles, there is one important point to note.  Have you thought about what kind of floor plan you want in your motor home?

Why is The Floor Plan So Important?

The floor plan of your motor home dictates how much space you have inside the vehicle for moving about or entertaining visitors. It also determines the kind of features and functionalities you can add, especially, the kind that will occupy a good bit of space. A look at the floor plan also tells how the various segments of the motor home are placed. For example, is there a shower plus toilet or a storage cabinet or a substantial kitchen space in the motor home and where exactly are all of these located? Remember that this can influence your driving and living comfort within the vehicle, which is why you should mention the kind of floor plan you desire when you talk to your motor home broker.

Which Floor Plan is Right for You- Tips You Can Use

Size matters: Everyone wants to own a motor home that is spacious and roomy enough to accommodate them and their friends in comfort, but getting the biggest mammoth you can find is not always the best idea. The major problem with huge motor homes is that you may find it quite a challenge to park them at many camping grounds. You also need to consider the driving challenges in maneuvering your giant-sized motor home on crowded roads, sharp turns or hilly areas. Your motor home broker may be able to help you find the right-sized motor home that can fit in quite nicely at most camp grounds. Remember to test drive the vehicle and check if you are comfortable driving it around.

Sleeping Arrangements: If you look at the large-sized motor homes, you will typically find three beds— a large sized one, a smaller one, and maybe a foldout couch-cum-bed or a table that pulls out to transform into one. These floor plans can easily accommodate a family of three or four people. If you will be traveling with just your partner, look for a simpler floor plan with a bunk bed that takes up minimal space yet gives you sleeping comfort. For those who have trouble sleeping with the slightest of disturbance, it is also important to check that the bed is not positioned too close to the front where the engine noise may disrupt sleep.

Washroom Space: For those who plan on being parked at a campsite most of the time, the washroom inside the motor home may not be a major concern. However, if you will be on the road a lot, make sure you have a fairly spacious washroom where you can shower without hitting your elbows repeatedly on the sidewalls. The position of the washroom is another concern because it needs to be easily accessible for everyone in every part of the motor home, especially in dim light during the nights or at dawn.

Once you have a clear idea of the kind of floor plan you want, contact a motor home broker you trust and discuss the options. This helps him find the right vehicle for you that will let you enjoy your RV-ing lifestyle in comfort.