BMW cars are considered as one of the best cars in the world in view of a slew of features. However, the loss of car keys is common among the people around the world. The crux is that unlike other car keys, BMW car keys have some unique security features and each key is meant for a single piece of BMW. Having said that, we mean BMW car keys are designed to maximise the security of your car and they are not mechanical keys.

All those put together indicates that when you look for replacement car keys BMW, you have to be extra careful about the partner you choose for the job. Here is a list of few tips on the same.

  • Keep your cool: People by default realise the loss of car keys when they are in a hurry. For instance, you may be leaving the office at night and suddenly realise that your car keys are missing. You have to come to the terms and must realise that no amount of frantic calls here and there can actually solve the problem. Instead, you must take charge of your emotions at the first place and try to remember the possible places where you may have taken your car keys. To our experience, in many a case, it helps enormously to come to the terms of the loss and take a corrective action vis-a-vis the same.
  • Don’t rely on every locksmith: Out of your frustrations or sheer enthusiasm to fix the loss of BMW car keys in no time, please don’t let just any locksmith attempt the replacement car keys BMW for the good. You should know here that every BMW car key has some uniqueness that, in turn, maximises the security for your car. Having said that, we mean the keys of your BMW car are actually electronic keys. Therefore, replacement of such keys would require an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the BMW car locking system such as the unique 17-digit identification number of your car and so on.
  • Approach an authorised dealership: To our findings, the safest way to get a set of replacement keys for your BMW is to approach the nearest authorised BMW car dealership. However, you have to provide a couple documents such as ownership proof, proof of car registration number, and your valid driving licence along with the 17-digit car identification number. This 17-digit number is usually embossed either on the inside panel of the door, dashboard or on the steering column. The dealer then sends a replacement key request to the supplier. You have to wait for the keys to arrive at the dealer’s place before being handed over to you.
  • Taking a precaution: You must remember that you can get maximum replacement keys of your BMW car only for nine times. For the 10th time, you have to replace your BMW car’s entire engine control unit.

In short, don’t hurry to replace your BMW car keys. Have patience to route your request for the replacement keys through an authorised BMW dealer in your niche market.