Be it your cycle for the daily commute or your mountain bike, gear and chain care is crucial. If ignored, an ill-maintained chain and gear in your cycle can lead to accidents and injuries. On top of that, it might not look like much but a rusty chain or a gear sprocket in your bike can damage your bike leading to premature repairs and expenses.

It is never a good idea to simply lubricate a dirty chain since oil mixed with the dirt on the chain will create a grainy, abrasive paste that will not only lead to slipping chains and failed gear shifts, but will also result in extended damage to your cycle. It is best that you go for professional advice before you dismantle your bike’s drivetrain.

That being said, here are a few tips to care for the chain and gears of your cycle:

Attaching chain cases and gear guards is the way of the wise

One of the most tried and tested ways one can keep their cycle’s gear and chain in their prime working condition is keeping them from getting wet. One way to do that is to encase the chain in a full chain guard or chain case. As for the gear sprockets, it is best that you install gear guards. These attachments will keep your chain from getting wet and dirty in the first place meaning you would need to clean the same often.

Lubrication is your friend

No matter the weather condition, a cycle will never let you down when it comes to urban commute. That being said, when your cycle’s chain and gears are exposed to the rain, the applied lubes on the same washes off, a result of rainwater’s acidic nature. It will expose the bare metal on your cycle’s chain and gears. If left like that for some time, the same will be affected by moisture leading to rust and deterioration. Apart from regularly lubricating your cycle’s chain and gears, make sure that you are also applying water displacing spray on them for best results.

Always go for original spare parts for your cycle

You have spent a considerable amount when you purchased your cycle right? It is natural that you want your investment to last for a few years right? So, to do that, it is strictly advised that you go only for original spare parts from experts like Aftermarket spare parts are unreliable and can give away at any point– leaving you and your cycle stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Hose down the chain and gears if they are muddy

If you own a mountain bike, chances are high that you have encountered muddy tracks often when you are on a biking trail. In such situations, mud from your cycle’s tire falls on the chain and the gear sprockets. This, if left unattended, can lead to rust and premature wearing of both the gear and chain. The reason is simple, to begin with – mud has salts and minerals. These react with the metal on your cycle’s gear, especially if it has been a while since you got them lubricated. For best results, hose down your cycle’s chain and gears. Let them dry and then apply lubricating oil.

The tips mentioned above are cases where your gear and chain are still attached to your cycle. If you prefer having a squeaky clean, well-lubricated chain and gear system on your cycle, follow this tip. First, remove the gear sprockets and chain from your cycle. Second, soak them in degreasing agent. Third, dry it off using a hot air gun. Fourth, soak it back in thick cycle chain lubricating oil for at least half an hour and refit the same back on your cycle after wiping the excess oil off.