Roadside assistance is a great help for motorists when their cars break down. While most insurance companies offer this type of service, there are individual companies too that offer exclusively the service of roadside assistance. For example, you can call Roadside Response for a fast and reliable roadside assistance. Companies like Roadside Response make the life of motorists easier and offer them a peace of mind that they won’t be stranded due to car breakdown before reaching their destination. Usually insurance companies either partner with a roadside assistance provider company or contact such a company that is closest to their client, as and when needed. It’s interesting to learn more about various types of roadside assistance services.

What is Roadside Assistance?

Roadside assistance is a job done by an automobile professional of minor mechanical adjustments and repairs in order to make the vehicle drivable again. Actually there are countless things that can go wrong with a vehicle and therefore it’s a great relief to become a member of a roadside assistance company or at least have its contact details at hand.

Types of Services

Roadside assistance companies usually offer following services:

Battery services

Battery jumpstart service is provided to start the car by jumpstarting its dead battery, unless instructed by the manufacturer otherwise. For example, the driver of an electric vehicle must check the owner’s manual because the vehicle operates differently than most other vehicles and doesn’t have a lot of service professionals. In general, hybrid cars have batteries that power the electric motor to turn over the gas engine, making it quite unlikely to need a jumpstart.


When a roadside assistance service is unsuccessful in making a car drivable again, they have to provide towing service. Based on the company, they tow your car to a mechanic up to a set number of miles. If the vehicle has to be towed beyond that limit, they won’t leave the vehicle stranded, but will charge you extra.

Lockout and locksmith services

When you are locked out of your car, you need lockout and locksmith services which too are provided by roadside assistance companies. However they differ from each other in that the service professional will help you gain entry in your vehicle by unlocking the door using a long reach tool or pump wedge. If the professional doesn’t succeed in this, a locksmith will be called whose fee will be paid by the roadside assistance company, though this varies from company to company, as some companies will pay for the locksmith in full, some partially and some will not.

Flat tyre service

If you have taken the membership of a roadside assistance service, and your car suffers from flat tyre, you just have to call them and their service professional will reach your location and change the flat tyre. Typically flat tyres for motorbikes or any other two- or three-wheel vehicle are not covered by roadside assistance services.

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Extrication means the process of moving a car if it is stuck or constrained. If more than one service professional will be required to dislodge the car, additional fees will be charged.

Fuel delivery

If you run out of gas in the middle of driving, fuel delivery service is provided to you by your roadside assistance company. Their representative will reach you with enough fuel to take your car to the nearest gas station. Some companies charge for the fuel and the price is determined by the pump price of the area.

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