It is a fact which goes without mentioning that there are a lot of car models in the market today, some are good and others even better. In addition, the automobile market keeps on receiving even new models each day. Owing to this fact, a buyer needs to do a lot of research on these models just to make sure that they get a car that will give them services worth the kind of money the will invest in it. To start with, any prospective buyer should first understand the models that are rated high in the market as well as their pros and cons. But even without much struggle, a buyer who is very keen in the ever evolving world of automobiles can spot a few of the types of cars which have claimed their spot in the list of not only comfortable cars to drive but also ones that are safe to. One such model is the Volvo S80. This model of car is currently riding high in the market and even it is somehow expensive, it is truly worth the price.


The Volvo S80, apart from being just comfortable, comes with a lot of features to ensure that driver as well as others remains safe in the event of any accident. Top in the list of these features is the automatic braking system which works with the collision warning. This is realized thanks to the radar sensor which is attached to the Volvo S80 and helps in monitoring the distance of Volvo S80s from other vehicles. Once the sensor determines that another car is closing in too much, it usually sends a signal and warning hence alerting the driver of the very short distance between the two cars. That way, drivers of Volvo S80 are able to keep a safe distance from other cars while cruising on the roads.

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