RC cars are radio controlled vehicles that are great fun to both build and play with. RC cars have an enthusiastic following from people of all ages who enjoy this pastime as a hobby. These cars can be enjoyed by anyone from the age of ten years upwards with the supervision of an adult and, as a father and son bonding experience, they really cannot be beaten. Just think of all the hours of fun you can have together. If you are looking for the present of a lifetime for your teenage son then you should really look no further. He will be delighted with his car and will, no doubt, play with it for years to come.

How do RC cars work?

There are different types of RC cars, depending on how much of an enthusiast that you are. Nitro RC cars can be excellent for the novice and, if you are a beginner, a Nitro RC kit is the best starting point. This is because they are the best way for you to find out how these cars work as well as providing you with the basic knowledge to carry out maintenance on your car. Electric RC cars are also an excellent choice for somebody starting out on this hobby.

However, they should not be confused with toys as they can reach thirty to forty miles per hour and, in their brush less motor configuration, they can even reach speeds of sixty miles per hour and above. Put simply, whatever your requirements there will be an RC car to suit you.

Where can I buy RC cars?

Although there are various suppliers of RC cars around today, due to the popularity of the hobby, there is one name that really stands out from the others in this field. Nitro RC are specialist suppliers of RC cars and they really take pride in their work. They will make sure that the very best assistance is given to both novices in the field of radio controlled cars and veteran hobbyists alike. With a service second to none and the most competitive prices, they really are the only company to choose.