This is a question that many Australian motorists ask themselves, and in this article, we hope to clarify a few points of risk that are connected with purchasing second-hand vehicles, thus helping you to make an informed decision. 

Before we take a look at the risks, let’s start with a brand-new car …. Just off the production line, with less than 15km on the clock – at this point, we should understand that every single vehicle is identical, therefore, when looking to buy a used car, knowing its history is the key. 

  • Major Mechanical Failure – It does happen, and if you are unlucky enough to have a gearbox blow at high speed, you are hoping to have a warranty. If you buy a used car from a private seller, you have zero warranty – the car is sold as seen – and there is little you can do, other than pay the several hundred dollars for a new transmission.
  • Stolen Vehicle – There is a section of criminals that take stolen cars and merge their identity with a random vehicle, and these cars are then sold on the open market as genuine. If you buy one of these and it is discovered, you lose your car, which would be returned to its rightful owner. Where would you find cars like this? Any web platform the private sellers would be the place you might encounter stolen cars, especially if the price is lower than market value, which is often the case.
  • Buying a Dud – This means you get to own one of the few cars that always seems to go wrong, almost like its cursed, and luckily, they are few and between. The only way to be 100% sure is to buy from Canberra used car dealers, who know the history of the car and are prepared to issue you with a good warranty.
  • Chassis Damage – Some cars are involved in heavy collisions, where they ought to be written off and scrapped, yet a few are welded up and then sold on to an unsuspecting private buyer, and he would only find out when first has the car serviced. There are a lot of cars on the road that are unsafe for this very reason and in order to ensure you never buy such a vehicle, go to an approved dealership every time, whether you want new or used.
  • Bodywork Patching Up – Some people are very good at patching up dents on cars, and when they have worked their magic, you would never know there is any filler on the car. Unless you happen to be an auto body specialist, you would never know the car has been in a minor accident, which is yet another reason to put your trust in a dealership, who has the backing of the manufacturer.

All of the above are very real possibilities, and if you are looking for a reliable car that is in tip-top condition for its age, talk to your local dealership, who would have a selection of great used cars at affordable prices, plus you can part—ex, which solves the problem of selling your current set of wheels.