Petrol and diesel both are fossil fuels. Hence, they are seemingly not into conflict for the cars. This may be your perception as a commoner. But, this is a grossly erroneous notion that can potentially damage your car. Wondering why and how? Let’s explore one by one.

The fact that you should know about filling petrol in a diesel car:

Filling petrol in a diesel car is hazardous. Because, the fuel pumps in all diesel car engines require lubrication to run smooth apart from the other car accessories that come in touch during the combustion in a car engine. But, the diesel potentially loses the lubrication while mixed with petrol.

You may not know that petrol in the presence of diesel works as a solvent thereby potentially reduces the lubrication of the diesel. This in turn inversely affects the running of the fuel pumps and other important parts of the diesel car engine and also depreciates the spares quickly. So, if you don’t act instantaneously on filling petrol in a diesel car, you will land up in costly repairs of your car engine, fuel pump and other accessories that come directly in touch during the running condition of the engine.

You will be surprised to know that nearly 150,000 motorists accidentally commit this mistake of filling petrol in a diesel car on an average of every three minutes in the UK. This indeed is a whopping figure and therefore, calls for a general awareness.

What should you do if you fill petrol in a diesel car?

Don’t start: If you fall a victim to the filling of petrol in a diesel car, the first thing you must do is: maintain the cool and don’t switch on the car ignition. Because, once you start the engine the fuel pump will spread the solvent cum the mixture of the diesel and the petrol all throughout the engine thereby will cause huge damages.

Take remedial action instantly:Taking remedial action in the event of filling petrol in a diesel car revolves around draining off the mixture oil immediately. You must do everything for draining the last drop of the mixture from the car fuel tank and other parts of the car engine. This is like stitching in time that truly saves nine for the diesel car.

Call the expert:The last but surely not the least is to call an expert for the job of draining the mixture of petrol and diesel out of the fuel tank and the engine parts. Because, you may not have the requisite knowledge and the expertise for draining out the mixture oil completely and flush the engine.

Always bank on a local expert for the purpose of draining the petrol from a diesel car and keep up on your travel itinerary. There are some companies in the UK that have dedicated emergency service for the job. Filling petrol in a diesel car is an accident that anybody can fall victim to especially in view of the growing complex lifestyle alongside the work and life imbalance.