There was a time when getting efficient transportation to and from work or other personal errands meant buying your own vehicle. However, the face of transportation, just like everything else, has been changing rapidly and people are just as comfortable taking a taxi as they are driving themselves. If you are looking for a business opportunity, maybe you should think about getting a taxi vehicle hire rather than buying a taxi, especially if you are setting up business as a sole trader rather than starting a taxi firm which would require a fleet of taxis

How to get into the taxi business 

You do not need to have any special skills to qualify to become a taxi driver. The basic qualifications that you must meet however include:

· Having the regular driver’s license-this is easy to attain as long as you have attained legal driving age.

· Getting an operator’s license-this is issued by the local council, and there are a number of qualifications you must meet to get one.

· Pass the DBS check

· In some parts of the city, you may need to pass ‘The Knowledge test’ which checks your geographical knowledge of London or other cities. 

Getting the car 

If you are a taxi driver, you need a car. If you are not able to buy one outright or if you do not run a taxi firm then it is possible to have one rented out to you, and as you start creating an income stream. Owning one might seem appealing however, renting is cheaper because there are very many costs that you cut. Here is a breakdown of the costs that you will not have to deal with. 

What is the cost of taxi vehicle ownership? 

When people think about owning a car, the only cost that comes to mind is how they will finance the payment or the monthly car payment. Not many consider the cost of fuelling and servicing the car and the amount they will have to pay for services like towing and repair when the vehicle breaks down. The cost of maintaining a car is in fact more draining than the initial purchase. Annual cost of maintenance for Taxis

When calculating the annual cost of vehicle maintenance, think about:

· General maintenance of parts such as tires, brake pads, wheel alignment, tires, wiper blades, train, engine inspection, suspension, and fluids.

· Maintenance which is meant for cosmetic purposes such as washing, waxing, and other cosmetic repairs.

The most convenient thing about getting a taxi rental is the fact that you do not have to raise a huge sum of money to make it happen, and the rental company which owns the car takes care of costs such as insurance, while you deal with maintenance. This gives you a starting point as you save to buy your own if you want to.