Travelling abroad for leisure can lead to the start of many exciting adventures especially those in the fashion world. However, before beginning your endeavours across the world, you may want to observe the restrictions different laws may place on your plans. When travelling to other countries there may be more requirements you must meet if you plan on using car rental services to drive on your own throughout your trip.


While you may be permitted to drive rentals with only a license and an age limit of 18 in the US, when you go abroad many countries will ask that drivers also carry their passports and be 19 years of age to drive rentals in countries such as Sweden or at least 21 years old in the UAE. It may be easy to get to many of the clothing and food shops by bus or train, but the convenience and freedom of taking your own routes while observing the Swedish landscape and culture make researching the traffic and car rental laws of the region you plan to visit essential.

In Sweden, as in many other parts of the world, each clothing shop offers a unique style that works for a range of age groups and tastes. Many shops offer a blend of modern trends, chic styles, and affordable casual clothes. Retro and vintage styles offered also make Sweden a fashion hotspot of noteworthy unique fashion sense as Herr Judit is a successful shop selling carefully selected vintage clothing for men. You can look around in popular areas lined with shops or go to popular shopping centres that offer both Swedish and international brands. Brands like Michael Kors and Just Cavalli can be found in malls in Stockholm, and being more mobile can increase your access to the particular brands you like with a mix of popular Swedish brands.


The UAE is a nation that has experienced an enormous amount of economic and architectural growth. In such a short period of time, a number of mesmerising skyscrapers have been erected from lands that were once endless miles of desert sands and highways were built to navigate through these new cities. The nation is now a top tourist destination with top aircraft and shopping malls with international brands, skating rinks and aquariums. Both luxury and bargain international brands like Old Navy, Armani, and Bebe are available in Dubai, so you can travel to a number of other countries and still shop for clothes from your favourite brands.

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