Have you been wondering what you could do to give your car a little more personality? Installing custom headlights is a very simple way to give a car, truck, or SUV a new look. There are a wide variety of ways that you can alter the design of a vehicle with custom headlights. Here are just a few:

Brighter LED Lights. Tired of feeling like you can’t see well at night when you get away from the city lights? Upgrading to LED headlights can improve your visibility greatly. LED projection headlights provide a sharper, brighter beam of light that is more intensely focused on the road, making it easier to see. You can purchase aftermarket headlights with LEDs to replace your current headlamps, or have your current headlamps converted into LED car headlights. LEDs can also be used to replace fog lights. In addition to being brighter, LEDs outlast halogen and xenon lights, and they consume less power.

Halo Headlights. Have you ever seen a vehicle that had a glowing ring around its headlights? Those custom headlights are known as halo headlights. They have illuminated LED, CCFL (neon-type light), or plasma rings inserted into their headlamps. The rings usually light up along with the daytime running lights or parking lights of a vehicle. You can take the look one step further by having rings added to your fog lights or tail lights, too.

Amber Light Removal. Not a fan of the amber lights on the front end of your vehicle? You can have those taken out of your headlamp assembly completely. In their place, black headlights, or smoked headlights can be added, or the headlamp assembly can be painted to match your vehicle.

Sequential Turn Signals. Instead of an on-off blink, you can have a turn signal installed that lights up with a stylish flash pattern. Not only does this make a vehicle more unique, but it can also make it easier for people to see when you’re signaling for a turn, in order to improve safety.

Elimination of DRLs. If you don’t like your vehicle’s daytime running lights, you can eliminate their powerful glow with switchback LEDs. Once these lights are installed in your headlamp, the turn signals become much easier to spot.

So what’s possible with custom headlights? The short answer is–anything that you can imagine! When you find the right custom headlamp retailer, you’re only limited by your imagination.