There are different reasons why people would want to ship their car to another country, and one of the most common ones is inline purchase. If you want to know more about shipping your car to New Zealand, then you might want to get Dazmac for shipping car to New Zealand.

Why people ship their cars?

There are a number of reasons why people choose to ship their car to another country. You might be moving, and you cannot drive there, or it is easier to travel by plane, o you found a dream car online and it can only be purchased from another country. In this case, you will buy it online and have it shipped to your place instead of going there to pick it up yourself.

Ship your vehicle to wherever you want

Before you go

One thing you need to know before you want this process to be done is that all the vehicles that will be shipped to New Zealand have to be checked, registered, licensed and certified, below you can even think about using the New Zealand roads. It is always better to follow these rules than to be caught without a properly registered vehicle since we all know how expensive that can be.

The requirements:

  • The vehicle needs to be in a roadworthy condition, which means that it will pass the WoF test
  • It also needs to be inspected when it arrives
  • With some exceptions, passenger cars need to right-hand drive
  • Your vehicle needs to meet an approved frontal impact standard
  • You need to have evidence of your fuel consumption

The necessary papers

Of course, there are a ton of papers that you will need to take out and fill out as well, which is one of the reasons why people leave this job to somebody else. This does not only apply to New Zealand, but also for other places, like the Japanese car imports Sydney from Dazmac Logistics.

If you do not want to deal with a ton of paperwork that you probably do not even understand all, then you should hire a broker to do this for you. They know exactly what you will need and all the papers that are required for a smooth transition. It is much better to pay extra and have the job done than to do it yourself and do it the wrong way.

Preparing your car

Before your new vehicle or old one can be shopped, it needs to be cleaned properly, as all the vehicles that arrive in New Zealand are required to be inspected before they can be released by MPI (Ministry for Primary Industries). Both the exterior and the interior of your vehicle need to be properly quarantined from the soil, plant matter, pests, and insects.