Are you on a search for a provider that would offer car leasing, renting and hire services. If yes, I would strongly suggest you to consider hiring the services of Andy1st driving instructor car leasing. There are various benefits of leasing a car than buying a new one. Buying a new car would surely cost you a fortune and on top of that you will have to take care of it perfectly. You will also have to take it regularly servicing and repairs in case any. Taking all these aspects into considered I would suggest all the instructors to opt for this option. As an instructor your car is your livelihood. Your reputation is greatly caused if your car is off the road for a long time. So, why not opt for leasing? They offered me with a leasing contract. Furthermore, they said that they would also offer with a replacement car in case of repairs to ensure the lessons are going on in full swing. With this, my car was completely taxed. They also covered regular servicing and repairs. The he-man dual controls are already fitted in the car.
I was asked to make an initial payment which is equal to 2 months rental fee amount. After which I had to make 22 payment based on the car I had chosen. Opting for leasing has helped me a lot. With this, I can drive around without thinking of the repair bills or the car being off the road. Go for it now!

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