There are various schools of thought when it comes to buying a car. There are those that spend their money on used cars under the premise that they get more for their money, while there are many that will only consider buying a new car because of the increased reliability, the latest design and innovations, and the manufacturer’s warranty that is typically included. Whatever your preference, now is a good time to buy new cars because of the incentives that are being offered by manufacturers around the world and  will help you in choosing your dream car either its new one or used car.

If you’re a stickler for having the latest design and the most recent innovations then buying new cars is definitely your primary choice. Manufacturers from around the world compete to create the latest and most innovative design and within a couple of years of being released, many of these innovations and designs will be replicated by others.

Used cars tend to attract more problems. They have already been driven and you can never be sure how well the previous owner cared for that car. With a brand new car you not only enjoy greater reliability but you can also enjoy the benefits of a manufacturers’ warranty. If anything goes wrong mechanically or electrically with the car then it should be covered by this warranty. Some manufacturers offer up to 7 years for the new car owner to take advantage of this.

While new cars do cost more, manufacturers are vying for new customers and this means that there are ways in which you can enjoy substantial savings when buying a new car. You may be able to find deals that offer thousands of pounds off the list price which may be equivalent to 10% to 15% or more off the price of the car.

It is true that new cars cost more than their equivalent used counterparts, however, you do enjoy a number of benefits when buying new car. You can enjoy driving around in an unused car with the latest design and incorporating the latest innovations and features. You can enjoy extensive manufacturer warranty protection and you can also find deals that offer substantial cash savings compared to the list price.